Hello! I'm Penny and my professional life is a constellation of pages, stages, & screens:

Writer of plays, screenplays, books, articles, and advertisements

Production experience in live theater, on film sets, on the motion capture stage, and in the virtual world

Tribeca Film Festival Sloan Screenwriting Prize

Final Draft; Shotgrid; JIRA; Production Scheduling & Budgeting; DCC Software Packages; Virtual Production Workflows

5 years of VFX production experience including significant experience in a real-time pipeline (motion capture, virtual camera sessions, real-time rendering, etc)
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In his big-top boudoir, an over-eager clown attempts to seduce a womanly bouquet of balloons.
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Two physicists fall in love despite his neurosis, her husband, and their firm belief that there is no such thing as destiny. World premiere at Bailiwick Repertory. Joseph Jefferson Citation for Best New Work.
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"The Script Doctor is In: How to Triage Script Notes" (Part I of II). Published in MovieMaker Magazine
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"The Script Doctor is In: Cures for Common Complaints" (Part II of II). Published in MovieMaker Magazine
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Short Film Writer/Producer:
On the night before their wedding, a bride and groom discover that their future together is just one of a million possibilities…
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A fiery adaptation of August Strindberg's classic.
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A bawdy, swashbuckling adaptation of the 1611 comedy by Thomas Middleton & Thomas Dekker. World premiere by Shakespeare's Motley Crew.
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A drama about finding faith in the minefield of the culture war. Portland Center Stage JAW Festival & Stage Left Theater
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Short Film Writer/Director
There is a naked man sobbing in the middle of the men’s locker room. When two guys walk into this situation, they discover that getting out will be more than they bargained for.
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A charming story about growing up and growing together in America. Commissioned by Milwaukee Repertory Theater. Released under a Creative Commons license.
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A scathing drama of the advertising age. World premiere at Theater Wit
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"Look Good in Your Shorts." Published in MovieMaker Magazine, Special Edition: Complete Guide to Making Movies
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Short Film Writer/Director: As a cult leader prepares his flock for spiritual ascension, one woman is starting to have doubts.
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This book gives screenwriters and playwrights an easy to use training manual for improving dialogue writing skills It includes step-by-step lessons and over 80 targeted dialogue writing exercises. Published by MWP Books
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