• Locker Room Talk

    There is a naked man sobbing in the middle of the men’s locker room. When two guys walk into this situation, they discover that getting out will be more than they bargained for.

    Short Film
  • Keys of the Kingdom

    Finding faith in the minefield of the culture war.

    Stage Play
  • Miss Julie

    A fiery adaptation of August Strindberg's classic.

    Stage Play
  • 7 Years at the Mayfair Mall

    A charming story about growing up and growing together in America.

    1 Act Play
  • One in a Million

    On the night before their wedding, a bride and groom discover that their future is only one of a million possibilities.

    Short Film
  • Spin

    A scathing drama of the advertising age.

    Stage Play
  • now then again

    Two physicists fall in love despite her husband, his neurosis, and their firm belief that there is no such thing as destiny.

    Stage Play & Screenplay
  • Signal to Noise

    As a cult leader prepares his flock for spiritual ascension, one woman is starting to have doubts…

    Short Film
  • The Roaring Girl

    A bawdy, swashbuckling adaptation of the 1611 comedy by Thomas Middleton & Thomas Dekker

    Stage Play
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